Though Anil Ji is like other human beings, you know, he is married, has a wife, three children, and four grandchildren at present. So that is his personal life. But in addition to that Anil Ji is fully illuminated. A  fully self-realized human being, who is in complete self-absorption or absorbed in the totality of what we call God or reality.

So in addition to being a normal householder, he has another aspect of him that is now very well known to many people in many countries all over the world. That is, to help others to attain the spiritual goal of being in God absorption or Self-absorption, which Anil Ji explains can only come about by the clarity of the understanding of the spiritual student. So the highest purpose of human birth is of knowing one’s changeless nature, knowing one’s changeless reality is only attained by clarity. Since Anil Ji attain Self-absorption or oneness with God under the guidance of Sage Ramana Maharishi and Rishi Master Beinsa Douno, which happened on 21 September 2016.

Since then there have been many activities that have been initiated or undertaken by Anil Ji to help all his fellow brothers, sisters, and the entire family of human beings on Earth, to progress on the spiritual path to the state of absolute peace or absolute happiness. The number of activities that have been undertaken by Anil Ji is, he has set up a YouTube channel which now contains close to 50 videos that are short and are related to our day to day spiritual understanding and growth of how to overcome negative emotions, how to overcome personal Karma, how to let go, how to be free of thoughts and feelings. And in this, some videos consist of interviews that have been taken of Anil Ji.

The second activity that Anil Ji had been undertaking even during his spiritual journey, is that he is the author of some very well-written and successful spiritual books. These being “Practicing Who am I”, The Practice of Self-enquiry,  “Life beyond death” and “Aham Self”. And in addition to that, some of his followers have further written some books. A prominent book that has recently been written is by another illuminated student of Anil Ji.

The book is “Be Still You Are The self” by Henry Kevin and also there is a center which Anil Ji runs in Sydney in Australia where he lives, and this center is called the Sage Ramana maharishi Centre of Learning Sydney, under which there are many spiritual discussions which are held and regularly posted on the YouTube channel. Also, Anil Ji, with the help of his friends in Calcutta, has set up a website which is called and this website contains a wealth of spiritual knowledge for those who want to advance spiritually, also at an individual level, when communicating with Anil Ji and when it is transmitted to him by the hierarchies of the spiritual world, he undertakes one to one guidance, guiding individuals in many countries, all over the world, assisting them to attain the state of absolute happiness or oneness with God.

So when one is illuminated, when one is in oneness with God, when one realizes one’s true nature, then it is quite natural for such human beings to assist others their family of human beings on Earth so that they too may attain to the same state which has been the mission and the undertaking of many spiritual luminaries like Ramakrishna, Sage Ramana maharishi, Rishi Master Beinsa Douno in our times and many other such examples like Lord Buddha, Sagre Vashista, Sage Ribbhu.