The third question is very interesting. What is the mission of Anil Ji?

When one reaches the state of absolute happiness, or when one attains or realizes one’s true nature, then one is no longer like ordinary human beings. Anil Sharma Ji, in his spiritual journey under the guidance of mighty super-beings or sages like Sage Raamna maharishi from South India and Rishi Master Bianca Duno, has attained and reached the perfect state of total illumination, in which one can be in oneness with one’s changeless reality or the higher nature, or oneness with God or Self, or the changeless reality in very simple terms. So normally we have what is called the destiny of the personality or the destiny of the lower nature.

And this destiny is related to our thoughts, to our feelings, and our physical activity based on our personal Karma. But when one is illuminated like Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Rama Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, to name some of the enlightened beings who had come on Earth, then one has a different mission and one may term that as the spiritual destiny, one considers the entire human family, all the human beings as one’s own family, and one sets out on the passage or path to help others to reach that state.

So after having attained illumination on 21 September 2016, just naturally, Anil Ji is now assisting others to attain that same state of illumination.