The task of the Great Teachers who descend to the Earth is, in its essence, to bring humankind to the right path, to help it in its evolution.

Master Beinsa Douno

Past events gradually disappear from people’s memory, overshadowed by daily survival needs and covered by the dust of time. However, in the passage of such everyday events come souls from a higher spiritual realm endowed with the gift of pure spiritual wisdom, who uplift humanity as a whole. In our present times Sapt Rishi Master Beinsa Douno is one such super conscious illuminated soul.

I have passed through all Mysteries of Life to abide now in the Spirit of Truth.

Master Beinsa Douno

The universal spiritual teacher Beinsa Duno–Petar Danov who lived in Bulgaria in the late 19th and early 20th century, played an important role in the spiritual awakening and advancement of humankind by preparing the collective consciousness for the coming new Cosmic epoch of Aquarius and by laying the foundations of a new culture based on Divine Love, Unity, and Harmony. In his own words, ‘A bright age is coming in which the idea of a united human family will come true. However, Divine Spring will gradually be setting in, not at once. People will unnoticeably be passing through inner transformations. One day they are going to awake and find themselves in a new stage of existence similarly to the caterpillar that has become a butterfly.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov of the foremost disciples of Rishi Master Beinsa Douno visited Sri Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai during his vist to India in February 1959. He writes –

‘… Further south, at Tiruvannamalai, I went to the ashram of RAMANA MAHARSHI, about whom Paul Brunton had written in his book, ‘Secret India’ that such a light emanated from him, such love, such joy, that the colour of his skin was like gold.

Unfortunately, Ramana Maharshi had also died by the time I visited his ashram, but his disciples were still there.

They were truly like their Master, full of love, full of light, full of smiles, and they welcomed me royally! They kept their Master’s room as a sacred place where no one was allowed to enter, but they did allow me in to meditate for as long as I wished, and I was able to communicate with his soul.

What unforgettable memories I have to this day of that ashram! Years later, I met Paul Brunton, who came to see me at the Bonfin, and it was such a pleasure to talk with him.’

Starting with only three students in 1900, the Master further established a spiritual school with several classes and organized a spiritual community where he set the foundations of a new life paradigm based on the Universal principles of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue.

The secular name Petar Danov in its wording means ‘a foundation stone’ and the spiritual name Beinsa Duno implies ‘The One who brings Good through the Word.’ The Master said, ‘There are souls in the world who want to grow and live consciously. It is for them that the Great Masters come to Earth in order to serve.’

The Master Beinsa Duno, fulfilling his mission on Earth, in a 50-year period of activities, delivered more than four thousand talks and lectures which were recorded in shorthand, then decoded and published. Thanks to his students and followers his words were preserved and passed onto the future generations. They apply to every aspect of human life, personal growth and spiritual advancement, family life and social issues, the concepts of spirit and matter, philosophy and theology, sciences and arts.

A total of 184 books containing his lectures and musical works were published between 1896 and 1948. His lectures and talks represent the work of half a century. It is remarkable that these lectures, which were held so long ago, bear all the features of contemporary presentation. They begin in a simple and clear manner with a fundamental concept and then expand into large waves that touch and awaken one’s higher Self.

In the Master’s words: ‘From now on, we need to connect our minds and hearts with those of all people on Earth because salvation lies within our common prayers. There is a Supreme Consciousness which interconnects the consciousness of all people and, in this manner, creates an inner intimate connection among them. This Consciousness is a Candle in which all things are illuminated and manifest their true meaning – the meaning they inherently possess.’

The Master stressed the necessity of meekness and humility. They give one the possibility to develop oneself correctly, without them one’s healing is impossible. The Master says, ‘Humility is the first condition for connecting with God. This is the Law of the Universal White Brotherhood. Humility is the primary quality required of the disciple. It is not the righteous or the wise who will see God, but the one with humility.’

The Master also said: ‘There are souls in the world who want to grow and live with awakened, higher consciousness. It is for them that great Masters come down to Earth. They are also helped by all loving and enlightened Beings who are working in the world.’

The Master ended his earthly path on December 27, 1944, in Sofia capital of Bulgaria

The Master Beinsa Duno left an invaluable spiritual legacy consisting of numerous talks and lectures, correspondence, prayers, formulas, melodies and songs; calisthenics and breathing exercises; spiritual methods and practices for personal and group work, for self-improvement and enlightened living filled with harmony and love.