The Rishi Master Beinsa Douno says –

Love is the Path for all who abide in God. Wisdom is the Path for all to whom God makes Himself Manifest. Truth is the Path for all who are learning to serve God.

Each day of human existence should be the one in which: Love is made Manifest; Wisdom is made Manifest; and Truth is teaching us how to serve God.

Let Love be fulfilled in you, as a measure, to bear Life. Let Wisdom be fulfilled in you, as a measure, to bear Light. Let Truth be fulfilled in you, as a measure, to teach you how to fulfill God’s Will.

Freedom ensues from Truth. Man is free, but he should not misuse his freedom. We are set free by the Divine that dwells within us.

Love resolves all contradictions. Without Love, man cannot make sense of this existence. Wisdom overcomes the contradictions of the mind. Truth overcomes the contradictions of human will.

Love builds harmony in the world. Wisdom is the highest Peak. It resolves the contradictions between good and evil: it puts them both to work. Truth is the greatest leader: it directs all of the Cosmos.

Divine Wisdom is the most difficult to learn. Even the adepts, the angels, and the gods have fallen when they encountered the trials of Wisdom.

Love is the greatest Force in the world; and yet, Wisdom and Truth are required that Love may be applied.

To Learn more read the book –  ‘HARMONIZING OF THE HUMAN SOUL’

Love         –     pages 106 to 206

Wisdom    –    pages 207 to 324

TRUTH    –   pages 325 to 350

( Index – Contents  is at the back of the book after page 541)