Our Future

Rishi Master Beinsa Douno says –

“We consider the Earth to be an inner school. And it won’t be long before this Earth changes. It has changed many times, and now it’s time for another change. It is said that after some time our Earth will shift from its orbit, great darkness will come, and darkness will fall upon all people.

The prophets say that Earth will go through major perturbations, which will transform it completely.

There is one thing that is important to know, it’s that the world is about to be liquidated. It has almost finished the circle of its development. A new age is dawning, in which new things will be created. In order for one to be able to create something new, one must be in harmony with the entire Cosmos, with all the elemental powers, working in the world. One has to have proper notion of God, in order to understand His essence. It is not about defining what is God, but He must be understood.

The new culture requires completely selfless people, who will neither judge, nor self-condemn. The new culture does not deal with people’s infirmities.”