Rishi Master Beinsa Douno says –

“Paneurhythmy is a science that regulates the physical, spiritual, and mental processes in us. a science of harmonious movements and their accord with human thoughts and emotions.

The movements of Paneurhythmy are taken from Nature. Only natural movements are really powerful, full of energy and rejuvenation.

The Laws for the paneurhythmy exercises are inscribed in the Cosmos.”

“Paneurhythmy” is derived from three roots:

Pan—meaning cosmic, universal, whole, all-inclusive.

Eu—meaning true, supreme, the source of everything, the essence, the real and substantial in the world.

Rhythmy—meaning periodicity, proper regularity of movement and of every other external aspect of life.

Each Paneurhythmy exercise has symbolic significance and expresses a particular thought, feeling and action. By performing the Paneurhythmy, we may learn how to be in harmony with the movements of the universe and how to create, to construct and to organize ourselves in a perfect way. Harmony means co-ordination of these forces. When these forces are co-ordinated, there is mutual understanding and help. Love is the only power, which has the capacity to bring about harmony. When love determines and co-ordinates our thoughts, feelings and actions, we may live in accordance with the great laws of Nature. Paneurhythmy unites us and harmonises our individual and collective energy. Paneurhythmy stimulates the awakening and development of our spiritual gifts including mercy, compassion, love, faith and hope. Paneurhythmy develops musical capacity and sensitivity.

The paneurhythmy movements, introduced by the spiritual Rishi Master Beinsa Duno, are simple, gentle, and can be practiced by everyone regardless of age and belief system. These exercises work on all levels of our wellbeing by promoting health and joy, bringing us into contact with the vital forces of Nature – those energies that give balance and harmony. These exercises should be performed outdoors and in the morning because of the best conditions existing at that time of the day.

The Paneurhythmy circle represents the great wheel of life and the way of human consciousness toward perfection. The Paneurhythmy movements and music contain the ideas of a new culture of Love, Peace, Joy, Goodness, Harmony, Justice, Freedom, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Thus Paneurhythmy prepares the way for the new beautiful life which is coming, a life of Peace, Freedom, Justice, Wisdom, Harmony and Cosmic Love.

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