Summary of the Rishi Teachings

“Love is a Wellspring.  No one   can obstruct the flow of a wellspring. Should you attempt to obstruct it, you will be swept away.   Be a wellspring that lets water flow abundantly through and quenches the thirst of human souls without them knowing.”

“All are searching for the One great Law which will unite all people, all beings. This Law is Love.  The second Law is the Law of Wisdom. Love brings Life, whereas Wisdom brings Light and Knowledge. The third Law is the Law of Truth which brings Freedom.”

“Trust in the Divine within you. Trust in the Divine within all people. Upon this rock you will build your great future.”

Master Beinsa Douno

The Teachings of the Master are given in the book – The Wellspring of Good

“This  book is an extraordinary compilation of  modern  spiritual discourse. It is a vivid testimony to the mission of the Bulgarian spiritual Teacher Peter Deunov during the last year of his life. The words of Peter  Deunov introduce the reader to a way of modern spirituality. This book includes insightful and original views  on wellbeing and health, music  and movements (Paneurhythmy), education and children, and the basic laws of human  life. It provides an awareness of the gifts of Love, of what we can learn from Nature, and of the way to work for a new social order that is based upon this Love.”

Harrie Salman