The Influence of Solar Energy

For perfect harmony and health we must learn to synchronize our biorhythms in accordance with Mother Nature and the Sun, understand the 4 day – night cycles and work in accordance and harmony with these cycles thus achieving peace and happiness. Watch and read in detail about this in the video and article – The Influence of Solar Energy.  

Rishi Master Beinsa Douno communicates –

Man should start with the Sun, to spiritualise the solar energy and to use it wisely. He should accept that

I say: the sun rays bring gifts of Love, gifts of knowledge, gifts of wisdom and gifts of freedom, gifts of Truth.  

Man has to take energy from the Sun for his brain, for his lungs, for his stomach and his body.   

If between the energies of the Sun and the energy of your body the metabolism is correct, you will always be healthy. Only the healthiest can grasp the ideas of the new doctrine.

Sunlight adopted with Love is the best juice for healing the body.

Our body is made up of billions of cells that have the ability to perceive on the Earth the sun rays, to transform them and keep their prana for renewal and healing. If you’re sick, get out, expose your back to the sun and from it you will receive what no philosophical thought can give you.

Every day at sunrise wish to have love in your heart and truth in your mind. To meet the Sun, means to welcome the Spirit of God.

Gold is stored solar energy that Hindus call “prana”. Prana is necessary, health depends on it. Therefore it is advisable man to go early morning when he can take much more prana. Ten minutes is enough for a man to stand at dawn and sunrise, to take what he needs.

The good effect of the Sun on man improves arterial blood. The Sun raises the thoughts and emotions with which human blood is purified.

If you are angry or hate someone, put your back to the Sun look toward the Earth and it will take the poison that has crept into your blood. The Sun and the Earth are irreplaceable doctors.

In the future, when the people realise this, they are going to cure themselves with sun rays only. They will know which rays for which diseases and which handicaps could be use.

You are ill, because you do not have the right attitude towards nature. Once you fix your relations with nature, you are not going to get ill any more.